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"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart."


Employee Experience

Human capital is the most important thing in an organization, it is the heart of the business and its driving force, and we have lots of ideas and ways to give your employees the maximum, to fill them with a sense of belonging, loyalty and pride. Employee Experience 

Off-site and team building activities , incentive travel for outstanding employees, parties and conferences, holiday toasts, and intra-organizational processes – all imbued with our trademark professionalism and our unique and original way of creating activities based on the organization's values and messages, executed as a memorable experience, with goodies, surprises, and unforgettable moments – the kind only created by Eldan Productions.

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Team building & company fun days
Planning a team-building day, even a small one, requires the same amount of planning as a big production – this is how we do it at Eldan Productions! We carry out more than 500 team building days a year for our different clients. Our distinction is in our ideas for diversifying the road into activities, the meticulous planning and the adaptation to the need, the season and the region of the country. Our team is always there for you pouring in their heart and soul – to make sure that you and your employees have fun. The Eldan Productions team run all the team building days for both small and big companies and works closely with groups on a daily basis. Contact us and we will be more thanhappy to send you our team building booklet that's right for the season / the budget / the scope. You will also find unique team-building activities for management teams on locations not yet known to others.

Summer events for employees and their families
No water park and no amusement park ever look the same after an Eldan Productions team's makeover that is tailored just for you. A carefully planned entrance to ensure a good flow, a leading concept that reinforces a sense of belonging, carefully selected great content, strict management, close work relations with the host sites, our buffet and bars to guests ratio that we insist on, to avoid queuing at the food stalls!!

Overall production of corporate events
It starts with an extraordinary collaboration, already at the concept stage, through pre-event buzz, unique invitations, promos, shuttles, host site and its appearance. The design and refreshments, the liquor bar, the lighting, the sound, the artistic content, the music and the screening, a performance staged on the basis of internal forces ... Just challenge us!! We're game! We are all in with you! On any budget and on any scale! we have hundreds of corporate events on our record.

Recognition / retirees/ end-of-year events
The same old event but different! A fresh and dynamic format that retains guests' attention. An overall production that also involves the employees - creative, directing, artistic consulting, musical production, a host location and all that is required... We have a top- notch professional team that's eager to share our vast experience with you.

Fascinating ideas to mark any holiday or occasion, on any given budget!

Company Retreat in Israel and Abroad
We produce your company retreat, we don't just take you on it…
That's our motto and the difference is huge! A company retreat in Israel or abroad. Whether the entire company goes together or in several rounds - we will handle the registration and payment clearance, if you wish. All possible alternatives for partial financing of the employees / spouses. And meticulous planning of all the activities on the way to, during, and after the retreat.

Happy hour
We invented the philosophy of on-site company events and HH – drop us a line or give us a call and ask for our HH brochure we will gladly send it to you. It lists all the different options for HH events - from a small and fun item or a lecture, a workshop all the way up to a company event at the company site.