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The events of "tomorrow" are here and we've been doing them for quite some time now.

We, at Eldan Productions, are proud to present our new studios

 The studios, fully equipped with top of the line technology, can be used for live broadcasts, online virtual events, exhibitions and conferences.


Our studios, run by the industry's leading professionals, are scalable so they can fit TV productions of every shape and size.

Our Studios:

The Studios in Tel Aviv

Spanning 250 m2 (with two seperate control rooms) and equipped with - video routers, 3 cameras, monitors, a teleprompter, sound system, lighting, communications A top-notch control team, acclaimed directors, technical producers, sound and lighting experts and a VJ.

Our studio-complex also includes a huge boardroom, makeup rooms and a luxurious lounge.  

A spacious green-screen studio, where you can create new worlds with a magnificent virtual environment

A LED TV Studio - Spacious and modular so it can be tailored to different formats: news/talk shows/shows with performing artists

The studio at the Rehovot Science Park

Thirty m2 of LED, fully equipped with state-of the-art equipment: 3 cameras, a teleprompter, sound and lighting systems, a huge boardroom

Interactive platforms combined to create a close-to-reality experience and conveying messages to any target group anywhere in the world

Smart management of breakout rooms, zoom with full high-def video (1080 - business zoom) and/or YOUTUBE Live / VIMEO Live

Complementary production, creative, content and design services, by the best people in the industry:

HaCohanim Creative Creative content tailored for each broadcast, as well as graphic design, video productions, business presentations and inspiring content 

Virtual animation and environment, smart branding and also goodie bags that can be sent in advance to the live broadcast

Production: Us off course!!! Eldan Productions A team of true champions with a proven record of over 25 years of producing international events and projects