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"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination"

James Dean


Creativity is the name of the game

The ability to create an experiential marketing event that differentiates and empowers your brand or organization, leverages your messages and goals, and achieves your marketing goals is a fascinating, wide-ranging world of possibilities and we have significant experience and foothold in this world.  

Marketing events, strategic marketing moves, incentive events, targeted marketing touches and more.

The vast experience we have gained in the numerous marketing and creative events we've produced, makes our marketing events a memorable experience.


Launches and openings
Many years of experience in launches of different sizes and for all kinds of brands. Whether it's the original invitation to the event or all the items that make the launch and brand memorable and unforgettable. Everything that is new, everything that has not yet been done in Israel. Thanks to our logistic and management capabilities, we can turn any site into be a high-end "location", suitable for the events in this category.

Client Events
The type of events that truly require exceptional professionalism and a planning team that knows exactly how to make your clients feel that someone thought of every detail for them. Always creative, innovative, regardless of the scope of the event.

Brand festivals
Brand festivals and fairs in a different format. With great respect for the brand and the thousands of guests, tailored to the brand's spirit and to divers crowds.

Incentive Events
In Israel and abroad. Extreme or extravagant, indulging and embracing, whether in summertime or winter. Whatever goal you set for us, we will rise to the occasion.

Customer Visit Center
Eldan Productions Boutique Service. Customers Visit Center – if you have guests arriving from overseas our skilled staff will take care of them. We will pick them up as they get of the plane or at the arrivals hall, transfer them to the hotel, travel all over Israel with them, guide them in any language required, take the on a professional tour of the company site, book restaurants for them and whatever it take for them to feel that you've been the perfect host for them.

Sales Promotion
The Eldan sales promotional creative team has a clear goal: to bring your brand closer to the customer by creating meaningful, memorable interaction. We are industry leaders in experiential marketing, the establishment and operation of unforgettable points of sale, marketing activities in the company's site, completely in line with the organization's spirit, organizing and managing raffles special promotions in a unique way. Defining Goals and characterizing the target audience - we will connect all the dots and design a smart campaign for you. We will monitor even the tiniest details and express the brand values as defined, to achieve maximum leveraging of the brand to consumers / employees / management teams – for our clients.

Sales Promoters - Personnel
Our promoters are of high quality. Actors and sales reps who turn the simple act of promoting into a rich experience. Planning your campaign will bear fruit and will be measurable on a daily basis.