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"The only place success comes before work is the Dictionary"

Vince Lombardy


Your Way of Saying - We are Here!

When we manage and produce your conference or exhibition for you, you know that the concluding word will be - success.

Our combination as a group, the way we are connected to each other, is expressed at its best! And all these benefits are at your disposal.
From the preliminary communication stage, through the concept to logistics and execution, we know how to deliver a complete and comprehensive solution - in Israel and elsewhere.


Israeli and International Conferences
Organizing, planning, and managing of the overall production of conferences and seminars - for Israeli and international clients, in Israel and worldwide, at any scope and in any field. Concept, creative, visibility and branding, inviting guests based on our segmented databases, finding a location, sponsors, "before and after" conference packages, arranging flights and hotels. Professional registration with or without clearing, cocktail events and breakout rooms, utilizing the most advanced technology, offering conference stewards and free giveaways. Vast experience and unparalleled transparency and fairness.

Managing exhibitions in Israel and overseas, coming up with an attractive concept unique to you, with a visibility that differentiates you form everybody else, construction, and perfect management, exciting / attention-grabbing items, multimedia innovation and image films.

Management of professional association and data banks
We are proud to offer you full management and organization services for your association. As part of these services, we will take care of the following: Database Management, Creative, Branding, inner-organizational and general marketing, communications, long-term work plan for achieve the association's goals, producing top-quality exhibitions and conferences, recruiting presenters and sponsors, content creation, presentation documentation, live broadcasting of the conference across the globe, hosting VIP guests, etc.