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What We Do best?

The Eldan Productions Group is a successful global company, operating in Israel and across the globe, with collaboration agreements with the world's leading companies in this industry.
Since it was founded in 1994, Eldan Productions has carried out an impressive range of thousands of projects and events, in varying scopes across many areas, and for hundreds of clients: corporate events of every type and size, huge conferences and exhibitions, company retreats both in Israel and overseas, incentive trips and more.
Eldan Productions has its own studios for the production of virtual events, exhibitions and conferences.

We are a Full-service agency with a broad range of capabilities and services, delivered by all three of our divisions together:

  • Conceptualization, production and management of events, conferences, ceremonies, VIP events, retreats and incentive trips, in Israel and overseas, and we are experts in overall production of events, conferences and digital exhibitions - LIVE by Eldan Productions
  • An advanced and well-equipped studio with top-notch content people who work for us in-house: creative, advertising, marketing, marketing consulting, directing, video production and original content - for Eldan Productions' events HACOHANIM CREATIVE
  • Professional production of exhibitions, pavilions and booths, in Israel and overseas by EXPOint PRO

The Eldan Productions Group is one of Israel's leading and largest production groups, but we remain very loyal to the companies we work with and are proud of our ability to provide a boutique service with the backing of a big, leading company – we are committed to the slogan: You will always feel like you are our only client.


Employee experience events

Team building & company fun days
Summer events for employees and their families
Overall production of company events of all scales
Recognition / retirees/ end-of-year events
Company retreats in Israel and abroad
Happy hour


Marketing Events

Launches and openings
Open House
Customer events and Incentive Trips
VIP events
Brand festivals
Customer Visit Center
Experiential sales promotion – planning and execution


Conferences & Exhibitions

A-Z production services for Israeli and international Conferences and exhibitions
Professional conferences and seminars
Management of professional association and data banks
Concept planning and comprehensive management of booths, pavilions and exhibitions in Israel and overseas

Force Multipliers by Eldan Productions


Creative | Branding | Marketing | Advertising

Eldan Productions' "HaCohanim Creative" is our exclusive, witty, and captivating advertising agency - a workshop manufacturing trailblazing and innovative ideas.

The studio provides creative and content services to Israeli and international events and conferences, directing events and films, branding and graphic design for all project types, 3D visualization, stage and booth design for exhibitions, special print productions, inspirational presentations, digital and social.

The studio team includes creative and talented professionals from a wide range of fields, who, every day, come up with brilliant ideas, that make each product one of a kind.

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The events of tomorrow are here, and we've been doing them for quite some time now.

Our past experience in online overseas productions has turned us into industry leaders in this field, now, when events, conferences, and exhibitions are held in online, 3D, or Hybrid event formats.

In these events as well, our three arms join forces to form a leading elite unit offering New and advanced TV studios, יכולות שידור בפלטפורמות מגוונות, ניידות שידור, חדרי בקרה, חדרי עריכה, צוותי צילום, שידור תרגום סימלוטני אונליין

The world's best interactive management platform that facilitates navigating between the conference / exhibition different areas: the main plenary, breakout rooms, meeting rooms, keynote lectures, exhibitions and 3D.

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Our international capabilities

Our global partners

GLOBAL EVENTS - Our worldwide events partners

Producing conferences, corporate events, professional meetings, incentive travel trips of varying scopes, launches, exhibitions and corporate retreats abroad through our first-rate global partners who have chosen us as their business partner. This partnership allows us to produce events for these partners in Israel, and they serve as our professional arm at the destination. Through this partnership, in the projects we carry out abroad, we are at your disposal with offices and a leading team in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Barcelona, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Milan, Rome and various other destinations.

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Changing the Rules of the Game

EXPOint Pro from Eldan Productions, is a special international arm, specializing in providing full service to Israeli companies, producing for them their booth at world exhibitions.

Together with our partner, and the team at the Netherlands office, EXPOint Pro, is at your service, providing a full and comprehensive solution for every booth:

Analyzing and understanding your brief for the exhibition, the creative and the booth's main concept, the design and characters, construction planning and supervision, fully coordinated with exhibition centers in Israel and the world, full technical production and working with all the subcontractors and of course the overall production vision.

Together with the global parent company, Eldan Productions, and in collaboration with Eldan Productions' Ha-Cohanim Creative, EXPOint PRO can provide all that is required, in short time and with Israeli creativity and efficiency and according to international standards, at a fair price and in close collaboration with partners from all over the world.

Flights, hotel rooms, customer events, press conferences, visitor registration systems, smart tags, visitor flow management, booth attractions, food and drink, actors and promoters and more.

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Certificates and Appreciation

Projects Gallery

Sharing photos with you from projects that we can reveal on the web.We will be happy to present the rest in a personal meeting.

Caterpillar – Costumer Conference – Ocean, Expo, Tel Aviv

Verint – Extraordinary company event

BE's Pharmacists- Expo-Pharm Dusseldorf

TEVA – Family event in Superland

Panaya – family summer event

Landa Labs – Firm Conference and incentive , the ELEXUS HOTEL, Cyprus

Herbalife -winter Party at Waldorf Astoria, Jerusalem

Herablife ASM Conference, Bat Yam

Valens – The amazing colors of summer

Intel Celebrating GPTW Award With Shlomo Artzi at the Menora Mivtachim Arena (two-day event)

EY 80th Year Celebration – Expo, Tel Aviv

Rafael – technologiens demonstrations international conference

Goldfarb Seligman – Purim Party at Haoman 17, Tel Aviv

Cellcom – Bnei Mitzva Event at the Tzel Hachoresh Swimmingpool

Direct Insurance – Celebrating 25

Cellcom – Women's Day Event, Expo, Tel Aviv

Ebay's Vacation – viva Cuba

Herbalife – Wonderland Event

Gencell – Launching assembly line with Flex

Menora Mivtachim Group – The Annual Employer Conference, Expo Tel Aviv

Cellcom – Bnei Mitzva Event at the Nes Harim Waterpark 2019

Cellcom – First-Graders Event

Microsoft – Management meeting

First International bank of Israel – Seniors, Honors and Pensioners Event

Karaso – Launching a new Infinity car

Neviot – Celebrating 30

Eldan Productions Ranking D&B

Mashkal – Family weekend in Eilat

Bynet – Annual customers event

Ort Israel – New Year Ceremony At the Lago, Rishon LeZion

DRUPA 2016 Benny's party

ONE1 Costumer Conference at Ariel Sharon Park

Flex Modi'in – copany event at the beach

Medtronic – Families Event at Shefayim Water Park

Sundoor – Boot at IMTM

Philips – Family summer event in Shunit

Intel – Annual company event

Microsoft – Office Hackaton

Tinkerbell – International launching event

Phillips – Families Summer Event At the Shefayim Water Park


Together all the way

Production is Not a Child's Game

Meet our Management Team

מנכ"ל ובעלים
דניאל כהן
Daniel Cohen
איילה כהן
Ayala Cohen
VP of Marketing
מזי אסולין
Mazi Asulin
VP Operation
עדי נחמיאס
Adi Nachmias
Executive Account Manager
אייל סימן טוב
Eyal Siman Tov
Creative Manager
לבנה חתוכה
Levana Hatuka
Accounting & Administration
ליעד זמואל
Liad Zmuel
Corporate Team-building & Leisure Events
יואב כהן
Yoav Cohen
Executive Account Manager
דותן ברטיש
Dotan Bertish
Account Manager
אודליה קדם
Odelya Kedem
Director of Accounting
ענת פלח
Anat Falach
Sales Manager
רעות כהן סרדס
Reut Sardes Cohen
Sales Manager
רונה צדוק דגן
Rona Tzadok Dagan
Executive Account Manager
נורית מרגי
Nurit Mergi
Corporate Team-building & Leisure Events
WhatsApp Image 2020-04-19 at 15.29.32
אנסטסיה טלסניק
Anastasia Telsnik
Account Manager
WhatsApp Image 2020-04-19 at 15.26.35
חניתה אסולין
Hanita Assouline
Account Manager
חגית סהר
Hagit Sahar
Sales Manager
WhatsApp Image 2020-04-19 at 15.40.42
איתי פלד
Itay Peled
Account Manager
אוסנת גואטה
Osnat Guetta
Graphic Designer
WhatsApp Image 2020-04-19 at 15.38.04
אלונה בר
Alona Bar
Account Manager
שני מלכה
Shani Malka
Director of Accounting
WhatsApp Image 2020-04-19 at 15.34.56
אורפז ויסמן
Orpaz Wiseman
Account Manager
WhatsApp Image 2020-04-19 at 15.31.59
שני שוער
Shani Shoer
Account Manager
WhatsApp Image 2020-04-19 at 15.42.08
גיל זבולון
Gill Zevulon
Account Manager