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ירדן פלד, מ.שיווק- מנורה מבטחים

אלדן המופלאים,
רצינו להודות לכם מכל הלב, על כנס שהופק ביד רמה, על מסירות אין קץ והמון נשמה.
תודה על המחשבה היצירתיות והתעוזה.
הובלתם אותנו לחזית הקדמה. ברוגע ובענווה דאגתם לכל, גם שלפעמים חלמנו בגדול.
שמחים שבחרנו אלדן הפקות.


The events of "tomorrow" are here and we've been doing them for quite some time now.

A select team from Eldan Productions together with HaCohanim Creative, in an extraordinary collaboration with technological partners, from Israel's leading technological companies, provide you with the ability to conduct virtual online exhibitions and conferences with the world's leading technology.
מעמידים לרשותכם את היכולת לבצע אירועים תערוכות וכנסים וירטואליים-אונליין בטכנולוגיה המובילה בעולם.

We have joined forces with a leading partner, and we invite you to our fully equipped, modern, and versatile TV studio. If you want, we can set up the studio ("Green Screen") in your lobby or at the top of a mountain ... Wherever and under any conditions, we have the ability to provide broadcast capabilities on a variety of platforms, OB trucks, control rooms, editing rooms, filming crews, broadcasting online simultaneous interpreting, the most stable and secured servers in the world


Our creative, content and content management people are the important asset for this kind of an event, and we have the best people in this industry in Israel working for us in house. This ensures the process is efficient, versatile and accurate.

In addition, in collaboration with our international partner, we will provide you with the world's best interactive management platform, also optimized for mobile and allows navigation between the different conference / exhibition areas, main plenary, breakout rooms, meeting rooms, keynote speeches, exhibitions and 3D, file downloading, online chats, accurate analysis and participant statistics, interfaces with all CRM types and more.

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