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Some of the projects we've had the privilege to produce

Panaya – family summer event

Shila Annual Manager Conference

HP – Product Premiere Event at a Full Moon Party on Bamboo Beach – Netanya

Cellcom – Bnei Mitzva Event at the Tzel Hachoresh Swimmingpool

Herbalife -winter Party at Waldorf Astoria, Jerusalem

Herbalife LDW Conference – Waldorf Astoria, Jerusalem

Voyager Labs – Purim In-Office Happening

Mey Eden – Full Moon Party in 'the streets of Koh Pangan'

First International Bank of Israel – Annual Balance Conference At the Sheva, Tel Aviv

Team3 Annual Event – Expo, Tel Aviv

Flex Modi'in – copany event at the beach

Cellcom – Bnei Mitzva Event at the Indian Village 2018

Gornitzky & Co Law Firm – Pini Rubin celebrating 70

Netivei Israel – Actionplan Conference 2020

Gornitzky & Co Law Firm – Incentive in Lapland

EY – Annual Firm event, Light the night, at Caeseria Beach

Private event – Music concept

DRUPA 2016 Benny's party

Caterpillar – Costumer Conference – Ocean, Expo, Tel Aviv

Direct Insurance – Celebrating 25

Valens – The amazing colors of summer

First International Bank of Israel – End of Year Ceremony and 2018 Honors

Hebrew University – Law Faculty Ceremony

Kamada – International Distributors Conference

GKH Law Firm – Dragon Party at Eilat Company Vacation

Herablife ASM Conference, Bat Yam

Goldfarb Seligman Law Firm – Corporate Retreat at Isrotel Yam Suf, Eilat

Verint – Extraordinary company event

‏‏Cato Networks – ASM in Madrid

BMC Care – ASM in israel

Valens – Family summer music village event

Cellcom – First-Graders Event

Sundoor – Boot at IMTM

Head of Gornitzky & Co., Moriel Matalon's 70th Birthday Party at the Seven, Tel Aviv

Menora Mivtachim Group – The Annual Employer Conference, Expo Tel Aviv

Bynet – Annual customers event

Ort Israel – New Year Ceremony At the Lago, Rishon LeZion

BLV design -Launching new apartments with Chef Eyal Shani

First International Bank of Israel – Seniors, Honors, and Pensioners Event

Herbalife Gala Evening – Magincal Circus at the Jonah, Netanya

Israeli Railways Special Event For the Children of the South (After Rocket Attack)

HP Scitex – Purim Ball at Haoman 17, Tel Aviv

BTG – company's conference in Jerusalem

Eldan Productions Ranking D&B

Microsoft – Office Hackaton

BE's Pharmacists- Expo-Pharm Dusseldorf

Ebay's Vacation – viva Cuba

Bynet expo 2019 Tel Aviv

Bezeq, Yes and Pelephone – United for the first time

Mashkal – Family weekend in Eilat

Intel – Making History with Shlomi Shabbat – Intel Site

Karaso – Launching a new Infinity car

Goldfarb Seligman – Purim Party at Haoman 17, Tel Aviv

Assuta Beer Sheva – Celebrating 30

El Al -Launching flights to Tokyo boot at IMTM 2020

Marvell – Saluting the Coronavirus' fighters at the hospitals

Cellcom – Women's Day Event, Expo, Tel Aviv

Rada, Weekend Vacation , Eilat

ONE1 Costumer Conference at Ariel Sharon Park

Phillips – Families Summer Event At the Shefayim Water Park

Ort Educiton – Annual Manager Conference at the Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv

Microsoft – Management meeting

Herbalife 40 Year Celebration – Kickoff Conference

Herbalife – Wonderland Event

EY 80th Year Celebration – Expo, Tel Aviv

Cellcom – Purim Party 'Roman Fantasy' Event at Expo, Tel Aviv

Rafael – technologiens demonstrations international conference

Medtronic – Families Event at Shefayim Water Park

Landa – Firm Conference and incentive, Grecotel Olympia Hotel, Greece

Intel Celebrating GPTW Award With Shlomo Artzi at the Menora Mivtachim Arena (two-day event)

Zelichov Law Firm – Company Merge Event

Tinkerbell – International launching event

Philips – Family summer event in Shunit

TEVA – Family event in Superland

Tali Grapes – customers' weekend

Neviot – Celebrating 30

Cellcom – Grand Purim party,Space fantasy – Expo, Tel Aviv

Rhenium – International Pharma Conference – Oncotype

Aqua Security SKO -A Week of Experiences in Tel Aviv

Intel – Annual company event

Eldan Production Hosting the Wellbeing Forum at Jonah Netanya

Cellcom – Bnei Mitzva Event at the Nes Harim Waterpark 2019

First International bank of Israel – Seniors, Honors and Pensioners Event

Gencell – Launching assembly line with Flex

EY – Celebrating Israel at Mini Israel

Landa Labs – Firm Conference and incentive , the ELEXUS HOTEL, Cyprus

Menora Mivtachim – Work plans conference

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